THE8BLOCK Fitness Studio – Women’s Self-Defense Seminar

On Thursday, February 25th – THE8BLOCK Fitness Studio hosted a Women’s Self- Defense Seminar at their location 405 Wayne Avenue.  During this seminar, all attendees were educated on the importance of strength, the use of Self Defense Fitness to be able to get away from an assailant.  Some statistics were put into perspective- as well as physical health,and street smarts.  Being aware of your surroundings is key.  Located in Franklin County, right along the I-81 Corridor, Chambersburg can be an easy target for victims of human trafficking. It is important for the community to take steps to ensure our loved ones have every fighting chance.  THE8BLOCK seminar was led by the CEO Frankie Serrano, General Manager and Head Coach Annette Serrano and Assistant Mgr and Lead Coach Dylan Piper.  The event was a success and was well received; it was met by such positive feedback. All ticket sale revenue was donated to Women In Need, Inc. Chambersburg serving Franklin and Fulton Counties- providing services to victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Victims. On March 5th, Frankie met with Emily, Operations Manager of WIN services and handed over a $1,000.00 check.

THE8BLOCK Fitness Studio specializes in Unconventional Fitness – an array of classes and services are offered at this location to include Cycling, Boxing, Kickboxing, Strength and Toning classes, Tanning / Sauna.  All fitness levels are welcomed.  A Meal Supplement Smoothie Bar is on Site.  THE8BLOCK is Chambersburg’s one stop shop for your Fitness, Nutrition and Recovery Needs.Frankie