Packing Tips

The packing process is an art, so you’ll need to put some thought into it before you begin. We have shared some of our most helpful packing tips for your reference:

  • Box everything that you can. Anything left unboxed in a self-storage facility will get dusty and very dirty.
  • Clearly label all boxes so you can identify the contents and keep an inventory.
  • It’s wise not to fill large boxes with heavy items, such as books. They’ll quickly become impossible to carry and may break.
  • Avoid packing items in sealed plastic bags, as humidity can cause mildew.
  • Store books flat to avoid damaging their spines.
  • Mirrors and pictures need extra protection in a self-storage facility. Stack them on their ends and securely wrap in bubble paper. Pictures and mirrors should never be stored flat.
  • Before storage, separate lamp bases and shades, then securely wrap them for protection.
  • A good space saving technique is stacking chairs seat to seat. A small dust cover above them will keep them nice and clean.
  • For added protection of your wood furniture, spray with a good quality furniture oil before storing it in the facility.

Important note: Expect to be asked to drain the tanks if you’re storing items with fuel tanks, such as lawn mowers and cars. Fuel is one of the several things that you cannot store in a storage unit facility.